Plank Road Work Complete

The work to replace a section of water main on Plank Road is now complete.  Customers within the area that was shut down during this work will continue to see reduced pressure until Thursday morning when water pressure will be restored to normal levels.  Some customers in the area of Plank Road and Kinns Road may be seeing some discolored water due to the disruption to the system over the past several days.  This discoloration is mostly iron sediment stirred from the bottom of the water main and is not harmful.  Customers experiencing discolored water are advised to run as many cold water only taps (faucets, tubs, hose bibs, etc.) simultaneously to flush out any sediment that is present in their service laterals. This should only take a few minutes of run time to complete.  The CPWA thanks those customers who were directly affected by the shutdowns for their patience and understanding as we completed this necessary work on the water system.

Changes to Emergency Notifications

Due to time lag issues with our email alert system, the CPWA will be utilizing Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Clifton-Park-Water-Authority-109175848023202) and Twitter (@CPWater1) as the primary means of emergency notification going forward.  Customers are encouraged to follow us on either, or both of these sites.  Emergency notices will still be posted on our website at www.cpwa.org, as well.  Email alerts will be used primarily for non-emergency notifications.