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Board of Directors Meeting:

Wednesday, November 12th at 7pm. Public Welcome

SCWA to Add GAC Filtration

The Saratoga County Water Authority has agreed to move forward with the installation of added filtration at its treament facility in Moreau that will remove the disinfection byproducts from the finished water. The SCWA has been battling the byproducts on and off for the past few years, and has recently seen some of its customers, including the CPWA, discontinue the purchase of water as a result. The County Authority, having exhausted all other less expensive methods of dealing with the problem, decided to move forward with a large capital project to solve it once ... [ Read More ]

Water FAQs!

Is your water ever discolored or cloudy? Are you re-siding your home and don't know what to do about the remote reader on the side of your house? Does your hot water smell like rotten eggs? Visit our FAQ page to get answers to these questions and more.
Seasonal Water Regulations

Between May 1st and September 30th of every year, lawn watering is permitted on an odd/even schedule based on house number. There are no time of day restrictions. These regulations are required water conservation measures.
Hydrant Use

Unauthorized use of fire hydrants is not only illegal, it can disrupt service to the customers on the water system. If you find someone other than a Water Authority employee or Fire Department personnel attempting to take water from a fire hydrant, please call our office immediately at 383-1122.
Annual Water Quality Report

Click Here to view the current Annual Water Quality Report
Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Click Here to view the current Hydrant Flushing Schedule