Changes to Emergency Notifications

Due to time lag issues with our email alert system, the CPWA will be utilizing Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Clifton-Park-Water-Authority-109175848023202) and Twitter (@CPWater1) as the primary means of emergency notification going forward.  Customers are encouraged to follow us on either, or both of these sites.  Emergency notices will still be posted on our website at www.cpwa.org, as well.  Email alerts will be used primarily for non-emergency notifications.

12/9/2016 10:00:00 AM

OWNERS/LANDLORDS RESPONSIBILITY FOR RENTERS/TENANTS WATER BILLS It is the policy of the Clifton Park Water Authority that all Owners and/or Landlords of real property are responsible for all water charges and water service fees provided to the real estate owned by the Owner and/or Landlords. As an accommodation to any Owner and/or Landlord, if separate water services and meters are provided to tenants, the Clifton Park Water Authority will send separate invoices to each tenant. However, in the event the tenant does not remit payment in full within 90 days of the due date, the owner/Landlord remains fully responsible for all charges. If a tenant who receives a separate water bill from the Clifton Park Water Authority defaults in payment, the Clifton Park Water Authority will provide notice to the Owner/Landlord and they will then be billed for the expense.