HomeServe USA has been targeting customers of the Clifton Park Water Authority with mailings informing recipients of their responsibility for repairs to their water service lines, and encouraging them to purchase insurance coverage against potentially high repair costs. These mailings are not being sent by, or on behalf of the CPWA, and the Authority is only aware of the mailings as a result of customer calls inquiring about their content.   An internet search of HomeServe USA turned up a link on the Better Business Bureau site at https://www.bbb.org/us/ct/norwalk/profile/water-and-sewer-line-protection/homeserve-usa-corp-0111-87067998. The CPWA would encourage anyone with questions about the mailing to visit this site. Customers of the CPWA are responsible for their water service lines from the curb stop (shutoff valve) in their front lawn to the house. It is possible that any necessary repairs to a water service line could cost several hundred dollars. Customers should check with their insurance carrier to see whether any such repairs would be covered under their homeowners policy before contemplating purchasing additional insurance. They should also closely examine any policy for water line insurance for coverage and exclusions, and how they would work in conjunction with existing insurance. The CPWA does not have any experience or information by which to judge the company or its offerings. We can only suggest that customers check the company's BBB Business Review at www.bbb.org, and do their homework before making any decision to purchase additional coverage.