Changes to Emergency Notifications

Due to time lag issues with our email alert system, the CPWA will be utilizing Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Clifton-Park-Water-Authority-109175848023202) and Twitter (@CPWater1) as the primary means of emergency notification going forward.  Customers are encouraged to follow us on either, or both of these sites.  Emergency notices will still be posted on our website at www.cpwa.org, as well.  Email alerts will be used primarily for non-emergency notifications.


Over the last two years, the CPWA has completed significant capital improvements to the water system, including the installation of an aeration treatment system at our Plank Road facility, refurbishment of the Boyack Road Treatment Plant’s water storage tank and the installation of 7,950 feet of transmission main on Crescent Road. The total cost of these projects was $1,713,469. Additionally, the CPWA recently authorized the expense of $715,457 to add additional cartridge filtration to the Boyack Water Treatment Plant to improve the quality and capacity of that facility. In order to keep up with the increasing costs associated with the operation of the water system and to allow us to continue to afford capital improvements to the water system that will improve water quality, service and capacity, it is necessary for us to adjust rates and charges from time to time. The CPWA Board of Directors has adopted increases to the water rate and Basic Service Charge that will take effect in the upcoming fiscal year. These increases will ensure our ability to continue providing the customers of the CPWA system with quality drinking water and superior customer service going forward. New Proposed Rates Effective January 1, 2015. Beginning January 1, 2015, the quarterly Basic Service Charge for customers with a standard ¾” meter will change from $16.17 to $17.25. Customers with larger meters will see a proportionately equal increase in their Basic Service Charge. The Base Water Rate will change from $3.76 to $3.87 per thousand gallons of water used. Under the current rate structure, this will cover all water used in a quarter up to 60,000 gallons. All usage over 60,000 gallons will be billed at $7.74 per thousand gallons. The average CPWA customer (20,000 gallons per quarter) will see an increase in their water bill of $5.44 per quarter, or $1.81 per month.