The Clifton Park Water Authority (CPWA) has temporarily discontinued the purchase of water from the Saratoga County Water Authority (SCWA) and has reached a short-term deal with the Town of Glenville that will allow the CPWA to meet its water demand over the next several months while the SCWA works to resolve some issues with water quality. The SCWA has been battling problems with disinfection byproducts, and has been making operational changes and adjusting chemical additions to combat the issue. Disinfection byproducts have no known acute health effects, but it is suggested that long-term exposure to these compounds could have an adverse effect on human health. The SCWA Board of Directors recently approved the design of additional treatment equipment to be installed at its filtration plant in Moreau to rectify this situation. The CPWA will continue to receive water from Glenville until we are sure that the water from the SCWA is completely safe for consumption by our customers. In the meantime, customers in the northern end of the CPWA system, who were previously receiving water from the SCWA, can expect to see some changes in their water, especially with respect to water hardness. Water from Glenville originates in groundwater wells, which inherently contain greater amounts of certain minerals than does surface water and often includes higher levels of calcium carbonate hardness. Customers may notice increased hard water deposits on dishes, flatware, fixtures, etc. over the next several months. Updates to the water supply situation within the CPWA system will be posted on the CPWA website, or can be obtained by contacting our main office.