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Boyack Road Filtration Plant

Water Sources

The following is a list of the water sources that are or can be used by the Clifton Park Water Authority to supply the water system. These sources, whether presently active or not, are sampled and tested regularly to ensure safe drinking water quality. A portion of the results of laboratory testing conducted on these sources can be found on the Annual Water Quality Report page of this web site.

Permitted Taking
Practical Taking
   Vischer Ferry PW-2 Backup 2400 Combined 0
   Vischer Ferry PW-4 Active 850
   Vischer Ferry PW-6 Active 700
   Boyack Road #3 Active 700 150
   Boyack Road #5 Active 600 450
   Oakwood #1 Active 200 200
   Moe Road Active 250 135
   Berry Farm Active 385 240
   Plank Road #1 Active 600 600
   Plank Road #2 Backup Backup 0
   Kinns Road Active 250 160
   Shen Well Active 250 230
   Total Well Source 6497 3715
Saratoga County Water Authority Purchase N/A 2100
   Total Purchase 2100
(8,373,600 GPD)